Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lindsay lohan breasts. Pics again.

Lindsay lohan breasts. Cool pics:

lindsay lohan breastslindsay lohan breastslindsay lohan breastslindsay lohan breastslindsay lohan breasts
Want to see some breast implants proof of Lindsay Lohan? http / / / Hollywood / gossip / lind ... i shouldn't even have to say anything, but the breasts arent supposed to be eight inches high and touch the collarbone when he raises his arms. I wonder how many hospital stays were actually for breast implants removal / replacement. and these photos are from when he was 17. btw, she has always denied having breast implants. I think his bulimia three months it was in reality a cover for their replacement implants. PPL always have problems with their implants. Lindsay would be a totally different if he had never gotten a false frame. and she wouldnt be number 1 in the list of maxims, either.
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